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Academic Parent Teacher Teams on Tuesday, December 14th!

Thursday, December 2, 2021 Volume 16 Issue 11

Our first Academic Parent Teacher Team (APTT) meetings are just around the corner! Please be sure to save the evening of Tuesday, December 14. Your child’s teacher will send you the time and the link to log on to the meeting.


Virtually the evening of Tuesday, December 14

(times vary by classroom)


Your child’s classroom teacher will send you a meeting link to join the meeting online


During our meeting you will have the opportunity to:

  • Meet and build classroom community with other families

  • Learn about and practice, academic games for your child

  • Review your child’s academic progress

  • Set academic goals for your child

APTT is a way for parents and teachers to work together, as genuine partners, to maximize student learning inside and outside of school. APTT is a research-based model for teachers to share grade-level information, tools, and strategies with families to apply at home and in the community to accelerate student learning. Your child is encouraged to attend along with you! After each APTT meeting, your family will walk away with two games, all materials included, to play at home!

Since all parent meetings continue to be virtual, your child will bring home a packet of game materials afterschool December 14. We ask that you keep these closed until the time the meeting starts. Last year, this really helped build the excitement as children are eager to see what is inside!

APTT was developed by Maria Paredes in 2009 in response to families’ expressing a need to know how to support their children’s learning. After two years of practice with 247 families and students in nine classrooms in Phoenix, AZ, along with data collection, analysis, and evaluation, the model was formalized and scaled up when Paredes joined WestEd in 2011. For developing APTT, Paredes was awarded the Dissertation in Practice Award of 2012 from The Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate.

Our teachers have been working hard to prepare for this event and are eager to have you join them. It takes a whole team of people to prep all the materials to create learning games for the entire school and I would like to recognize Donna Duarte (APTT Champion) and Trinia Washington (Family Literacy Connector) and a really big thank you to our office team, Ms. Tana and Ms. Cherese for all of their help!

There is no team without you!


Recognizing Thurgood Marshall Friday, December 3

Each year our school celebrates a Thurgood Marshall Day in honor of the man our school was named for. Our Thurgood Marshall Day celebration in pre-pandemic involved visits from lawyers and judges who spoke about careers in law and how they were inspired by the life and work of Supreme Court Justice Marshall. This year, our celebration will happen during our in-school assembly with pre-recorded messages from two judges.

The assembly will be shown during class on Friday, December 3rd.

Thurgood Marshall (1908-1993) was a towering figure in the civil rights movement and the first African American justice to serve on the United States Supreme Court. Before joining the court in 1967, he worked as a civil rights lawyer, famously criss-crossing the South on behalf of black clients who were facing Jim Crow justice from white police officials, prosecutors, judges and juries. In 1940, at age 32, he founded the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund and served as an executive there for two decades. He and his colleagues won a series of Supreme Court victories that gradually eroded the "separate but equal" doctrine, the legal underpinning of segregation in America. The most famous of those cases was Brown v. Board of Education, the landmark 1954 decision that declared unconstitutional segregation in the nation's public schools.

Nominated by President Lyndon Johnson, and confirmed by the Senate on a vote of 69-11, Marshall served on the Supreme Court for 24 years until his retirement at the end of the 1991 term. During his tenure, he was known for his strong support of First Amendment principles and seeking to protect and expand the constitutional rights of citizens charged with crimes.

Chief Justice William Rehnquist, spoke at Marshall's funeral in 1993:

“As a result of his career as a lawyer and as a judge, Thurgood Marshall left an indelible mark, not just upon the law, but upon his country. Inscribed above the front entrance to the Supreme Court building are the words ‘Equal justice under law.’ Surely no one individual did more to make these words a reality than Thurgood Marshall.”


LGBTQ+ Families Dinner Series

This LGBTQ+ Families Dinner Series is a virtual opportunity for people to connect across shared identities and experiences. This event is for LGBTQ+ Families of SPS students, LGBTQ+ Students and their families, and present LGBTQ+ Staff and their families. We will have a fun and easy program.

Please RSVP here by December 10th at 5pm:

We will be sending a calendar invitation for this Microsoft Teams Live event! We look forward to seeing you soon, LGBTQ+ Families!

Please email with questions.

Event: Virtual LGBTQ+ Families Dinner Date: Thursday, December 16th, 2021 Location: Virtually via a Microsoft Teams invitation Time: 6pm-7PM

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