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Third Trimester of School

Thursday, March 24, 2022 Volume 16 Issue 24

We are now in our 3rd Trimester of the school year which means we have less than 12 weeks of school. Teachers are completing their progress reports for 2nd trimester this week. These will be printed and sent to parents on Monday, April 4. Please look for an envelope in your child’s backpack on this day. In addition to progress reports, you may find other information included for your child, depending on the services they receive at school, so please read through the documents in the envelope carefully. Students in 4th and 5th grade will have the results of the Fall Smarter Balanced Assessments included with their progress report.

Spring Testing will begin for TM students the week of April 25th and continue through early June. Following is the testing schedule so that you are aware of when your child’s testing is taking place. It is listed on the schedule by grade level. Please track these dates carefully. It is always important for children to have a good night’s sleep and a healthy breakfast each day for optimal learning, and this is also very important on test dates. For students to truly show what they have learned over the course of the year, we want to be sure they are well-rested and fully ready. Please try to avoid undue stress about the testing, as this can also inhibit performance. We talk to our students about doing the best they can, taking the time they need (not rushing through), and using this as an opportunity to show what they know. While we do have days scheduled for make-up testing, students tend to do best when they follow the same testing schedule as their peers, so please try to avoid making medical appointments or other absences on these dates. Of course, if your child is sick, please do keep them home.

We have started to get a few questions about summer learning. Thurgood Marshall is not a summer school site this year. Our closest location for Summer Staircase is usually John Muir Elementary. Summer Staircase will be held from July 6 – July 28 and students who attend must plan to be there for all the days it is offered. There are never quite as many slots for students to attend as we would like to send, so if you are interested in this option for your child, please be ready to fill out the application forms as soon as we send them home to maximize your chances of getting your child in. We should hear more about this right around spring break.



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